Thursday, October 02, 2014

 Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 06 (02-10) 00:05

125 I have a confession to make
126 A mountain of fat
127 For a while I didn't think I was me
128 Is this your phone?
129 It will probably surprise you, but I like it.
130 After the operation, we...
131 Have you looked in a mirror lately?
132 Driving West
133 Let us confront ourselves
134 Does the moon look square to you?
135 Roundhead or Cavalier?
136 Yes, I left the party, and yes, I wasn't alone
137 As far as we know this is the last one on earth
138 It takes effort to be this ignorant
139 WAVE!
140 It's about time
141 My father, his father, and his father's father's father
142 Bucket
143 Pea & Mint Soup
144 A Home Perm
145 Now is the winter or something
146 When they made him dead, they REALLY made him dead
147 The four of us, sitting on a leather sofa
148 It is time to get off

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