Friday, October 03, 2014

Blast 5: The Square

The Square

There are two kebab vans 
outside and the late, late nights 
are noisy, violent, and smelling 
of dubious meats. 

It’s a Wednesday night 
so one a.m. is late enough: 
the fat girls 
have all gone home, 
the bikers 
have biked, 
the square 
is pocked with the yellow slugs of discarded vegetables, 
and in an hour or two I may be able to sleep. 
A white police car slides through.

Yes, I still believe in love - 
what we take for love, 
what we take. 

When I am in love 
I am tail-wagging happy, 
as happy as a double-dicked dog. 

This is me para-sailing.

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