Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 25 (11-10) 07:38

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 25 (11-10) 07:38

575 Nobody had noticed the girl
576 I am from Aberystwyth, she is from Aberdare
577 The last get upon the sawdust
578 The fattest man she had ever seen
579 On the straw behind the astrologer's tent
580 I only heard this morning

581 The fair is finished
582 Toast
583 The sky will stand still, the sun turn black
584 How summer must have looked in Ireland
585 Found by the men from the caravans
586 I feel very frightened

587 I know he is murdered but I cannot believe it
588 We are all poorer now
589 The brave are better at happiness
590 Something so wicked, so vile, so dangerous
591 A place miraculously pretty
592  there are more frightened people than brave

593 Dead as white bones, quiet
594 The gardener sees the land the tree usurps
595 The sound of spit buglers
596 I wash in cold water
597 She does nothing now but knit
598 The nature of happiness

599 In a mud hut on a canvass cot
600 He dressed, left, and died
601 Lie still, be calm, suffer quietly
602 The uncertain corners of prayers
603 The town speaks
604 Tell her I feel abused

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