Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday 8th October Prompts

Twenty or So Ideas

Somewhere to put my etchings

Thank You very much. We'll be off then.

Photo by Alex Pearson-Jones

Maxing the Cards

The Wife of the Carpenter Who Dies at Sea

Watch With Mother

Pictures at an Unattended Exhibition

Leaving California

Why they're not talking to me

Mrs Green & Mr White

How to write sex scenes 101

Picture Me Resplendent

A Simple, Fundamental, Error

A story featuring a billiard ball, a chicken, a candle, a clown

Not far from a bird hide, a canal, a golf-course

Prisoner 99

An essay Concerning Human Understanding

Hair Matters; Hair Manners

Mother, Questions

No More Than a Roll of the Dice, the toss of a coin

A Story beginning: "I intend for all this to be true; for it to be honest..."


A story ending. And so I must go, quietly, with my head low, through shadows.

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