Sunday, December 13, 2020


Boot Camp's New Year traditionally starts on December 26th so we don't coast and veg but hit January 1st already running.

THIS New Year is starting today because I've done the housekeeping, ironed the sheets and have run out of meaningless shit to binge-watch on Netflix.

The numbers reflect the fact that I intend to post a minimum of 365 sets of prompt in 2021 but am targeting a much higher number (400+ which will include anything I post in December 2020)

BTW, oil anyone is interested, I would quite like to re-open Boot Camp.

Although there would be 1+ sets of prompts every day, the BC "Minimum Demand" would be for one flash (500+) every other weekend and one story (1500+) on the alternate weekend.

Of course the people who will go on to do well, will be those who write and post almost every day, who critique everything that moves etc.

Sunday 13th December


2021 0001 They don't have dusks in Eritrea
2021 0002 Moon, morning, fog, sun
2021 0003 I don't think about you. I'm not thinking about you now.
2021 0004 The twist is there's no twist
2021 0005 Tread softly etc, these dreams are fucking fragile

2021 0006 People in green shadows
2021 0007 A parade of shiny cars followed by dusty trucks
2021 0008 The boys prefer the cheapest foods
2021 0009 The hand that rocked the cradle has kicked the bucket
2021 0010 Yet I think of him as my contemporary

2021 0011 A set of old, cheap, nasty knives
2021 0012 Dogs chasing sticks, nothing but joy
2021 0013 Come up to my flea-infested room and see my itchings
2021 0014 Lots of people talk to God. God doesn't give a fuck.
2021 0015 Deep in thy wounds, Lord; Hide and shelter me!

2021 0016 man, woman, it's not going to work
2021 0017 A sullen, overloaded sky
2021 0018 The Queen might have been a minor Royal married to some Greek bloke
2021 0019 I felt it before it was there
2021 0020 He folded his legs across his chest and just waited

2021 0021 Moose 1-0 Santa
2021 0022 Lots of dead-good words in old books, like Greek stuff and Romans
2021 0023 I would like to chase a stick, a ball, and roll in mud
2021 0024 We wait while she carefully brushes her hair
2021 0025 Iron, sit-ups, fold, press-ups

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