Tuesday, December 15, 2020

 27 Prompts

I usually sit at the computer with my various anthologies and type 25 prompts. Today I started hand-writing prompts into a snazzy notebook as they came to me, then copying them to a spreadsheet.

It occurred to me that a notebook filled with hundreds, thousands of prompts could be brilliant. Dip in, take one from every page!

Here are Today's

The careful disrobing of love

Waiting for the apple

Things are different when moved around

Slowly-rising Jack Flash

Songs for my funeral

The thing is, Dresden, now.

Here is the mountain, the river, a tree

Bridges, stations, flood relief

A child’s shoe; nothing else

He got carried away. Funerals are like that

Your mirror lies, always has

You roll up your sleeves. I cut mine off

How small is my medal?

Is there nothing that cannot be forgiven?

You are the other way around

There are no shooting stars!


If His oceans rise, my coffin will float away

I can leave crisps unopened

Your mistress marries, your mask slips

This is the easy part

Waking at one, at three, at five

Bone, gristle, grey flesh

Say something about JOY!

Swans mate for life. They are easily angered.

Beachball, umbrella, sand, thief.

How sun lights up the valley

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