Friday, December 18, 2020

 Thursday December 17, 2020

There are dirty words between the paragraphs

Beyond, another island

I swear a lot in poems, a fucking LOT

I am building a space-station

Far off, a small place, grey smoke curling

The fucking yap of a stupid fucking dog

If I woke and was a Lithuanian

Her flapping, flip-flopping slippered feet

I will sit on the beach until I am alone

She sits naked, reading War & Peace

I have no garden now

The far off flush of a toilet, a clicking door

To walk on water, practice, believe

Can I pay for love? Do I use money?

Why I murdered the kittens

Locked out of the forum

I think of vowels consonantly

Belly-Button Smell

A narrow road through a sad forest

The mouse is something different to the owl

My very-ex, Lockdown Friend

It is warm in here

Full Moons, they just feel important

My library has asked for a divorce

Once a year we give the animals guns

My Mother - fishy in the water

This is not the body I would have chosen

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