Sunday, December 20, 2020

 Some More Prompts

20:33 Sunday 20 Dec

What is the opposite of Jigsaw?
Peaches, a scattering of nuts
A ticket to Boris Johnson’s Ball

A rub and a pull
Fishermen arc-ing home
I think she was about to smile, but died

Spiders in my eyes at three o’clock
No, I didn’t mean that
The bloody innards of the clock

The evening spread out like a meal
Some old half-Dockland streets
Random acts of meanness

I decided to build a wall
Home, the football on TV
There’s rain, there’s storms, then this

Please suffer quietly
Sin-cline, anti-cline, sedimentation
The pale living; the darker dead

Perhaps in January
There is a snake on the verandah
I have never looked forward to being here

The way she licked her fingers
We stopped in the square for coffee
The scythe does not consider the grass

Accelerator, Brake, Clutch
My shadow won’t come out with me at night
Poetry where the words vibrate

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