Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September 02:01 Prompts

"It has been a nice summer," said Diana, twisting the new ring on her left hand with a smile.

“Harvest is ended and summer is gone," quoted Anne Shirley,

A fox will track a vixen for a week

a little undercurrent of vague pain and dissatisfaction running through it

A piano made from ice

There was quite a bewildering succession of drives, dances, picnics and boating parties

almost as beautiful as the angel on my string

Anne of the Island

Coordinates is an anagram of Decorations

For a little while I had a dog.

gazing across the shorn fields dreamily.

He was the first to escape

I had one white pill and one yellow pill in the morning, and in the afternoon I had a pink pill and in the evening white.

I went into the trees and built a shelter.
I will give you the horse, a cart, a leather coat, a plate and some gasoline

LoveFinder General

Murder Club, the Vicarage 19:15 Mondays

the fields were bare and sere, scarfed with golden rod,

The fortnight Anne spent in Bolingbroke

The house bleeds

The Promise Tree

The woman was fat and her face was pink.

There is a woman I love who could not kill a wasp

There was not, however, much time to think about him.

They were both nice, manly fellows, but Anne would not be drawn into any opinion as to which was the nicer.

We are studying love

When he was eight he was stolen by gypsies

When he was ninety he swam across the bay.

whenever she thought about Gilbert.

Whispers of a life without borders

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