Thursday, September 03, 2009

Prompts September 03:01

Unfortunately, this is likely to be necessary

Where Art Thou?

The fickle, the unsure, the hypocritical

Being a Soldier

The basic necessities: laptop, mints, CHARGER

A Spotless Mind

Oh would the gift the giftie gie us!

Reading TS Eliot

Watching World Film

Above the water, under the cliff, far from a house

Boys & Caravans

Sometimes the names move, they slip, they slide

More or less low-calorie

Sleeping in another room, he tries to remember things

The Queen waves a gloved hand


I am in possession of Possession


I am waiting in the wings for an empty stage


The smell of steak in alley-ways


A little lady, sweet, who worried about Penguins


She picks the blackberries, cooks them for me. I try not to cry

Vanilla, I think

I am trying to remember a goal I scored

Sausage & Mash

New Govt Regs: Item 1 LOVE

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