Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prompts 22 September

A Small Blue Plaque

Hanging Baskets

How the woman pauses

While he waits for her to buy two coffees

Paper Hats

Orange tiles, white spikes

His car, his moustache


How the women congregate, talking about swimming

Her Black Wedding

A café, a shop, three or four houses

The trainee barista

Stooped, white hair, but almost free

Behold the duck!

What catches me, what catches my eye


How beautiful, in profile

Four Feet Under

What is the H in W H Smith?


Old Men in Cardigans

The Differences of Aquamarine

At the Lake

If we had world enough and time

Low fat sex

For a suitcase full of cash


Children love wheels

Words, in type, streaming across a photograph

The Olive man smiles, with a twinkle, and holds out a single olive on a spoon for the lady to taste

Shall we do some kind of lunch?

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