Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prompts List 0,018

A – The Smell of Toast

B – Going to Meet the Man

C - Saying it seven times makes it true

D - Slide

E - I should be going, if that's all right?

F – Pick a Colour

G – Not Guilty, No, Not Guilty

H – The Cocktail Party

I - The smell of Sunday Lunches, radio through open windows

J - My Grandfather's house

K - A Story beginning: There are many ways to look at love

L – Scrabble

M – It was good but I fell asleep

N - Going down for Mam's order

O – Various Old Records

P – I need to think, give me a minute or ten

Q - Petit Pois

R – I need to take my tablets

S – Clip go the shears boys, clip, clip, clip.

T – People come here to die.

U - Pink, a sky as pink as a bridesmaid's dress

V - Coals to Newcastle

W – We gotta get out of this place

X – The Wart

Y – I was Kaiser Bill's Batman
Z – Volare

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