Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 Prompts Set 0,010

A - Tea in a Posh Hotel

B - Dropping someone off in Hayward's Heath

C - Here I am, old. It is January somewhere

D - The German is staring from his window

E - TASK: Play The Birdy Song on loop and write a SAD or heavy story

F - A Woman Cleans Up. She will not cry

G - To be eaten, to be divided up.

H - The Fraulein, who turned suddenly on the stairs

I - TASK: Pick a piece of seriously sad music, put it on loop and write something ditzy, happy, or comic

J - I did not make this up

K - A Story beginning: If it keeps on raining

L - The Hitch-Hiker and the Witch

M - Jenkins finally crossed the bridge

N - A little dog in the rain

O - A story ending: My daughter the Racist

P - Yes, it is a dangerous snake, but it's asleep

Q - TASK: Write a story with some phrase or sentence repeating often

R - I am more than a little bit tired

S - I think he died in '62

T – It's probably one of the injectors

U - Run it under a cold tap, luvvy

V - I suppose this is dying

W - Quiet sounds in the kitchen

X - OK, I will go, but I will walk very slowly

Y - Christmas Black

Z - The dogs, smelling of dog, at my feet

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