Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Prompts Set 0,009

A - We walk, rest, eat, talk a little

B - SOS, seen from outer space

C - There is no magic

D - We pay, but with a certain anger

E - TASK: Play Buckley's "Hallelujah"on repeat and write a story

F - A drawer full of brass swastikas

G - So many things have passed, will pass again

H - Clarinet

I - TASK: Write something as a response to a Shakespeare play

J - Roundabout

K - A Story beginning: There were three of us, and Jones

L - How love becomes hate

M - Loan

N - A short walk in a storm

O - A story ending: And now I must sleep

P - Something scribbled in my mother's hand-writing


R - The Names of the Months

S - Those who are with us, are with us. That is enough

T – Smooth it down

U - I wrote it in San Bartolome

V - Pushing harder, hurting less

W - The evening bells like dying cattle

X - Javelin

Y - Play The Birdy Song for me and dance

Z - I had a strategy when I started

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