Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday 9 June Prompts at 07:20

They have taken the sofa away
Slowly they are dragging themselves home, their ghosts dancing
Exposed beams
Settle for Half
He had it with him at the time of the accident

Working together for your future
I find it hard to believe
We will move him into the sun
My head aches and my body aches
I do not believe in the sum of the parts
Death like a small pink flower
At the sink and hopelessly in love with her master

A delicious softness
If our love had been in a book
Everything they said glittered
Under here, a town where people walked
I was much further out than they thought
Eat after I am dead
There’s dance tonight at the YM

The money in his name is mounting up
He disappeared in December
In the United States a policeman is shot every 53 Hours
Married to Marilyn
The blessed will not care how we look at them
Above the shops the old facades whisper of ancient sex

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