Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prompts 23:30 June 11th

No sunrise, no noon, no city

When I am gone away

The night I lost you

I just need a little space

It is hard for us to get inside

We all have monsters

You could call me, if there was a point

I will lead the black horse

When I am dead, say what the fuck you like

I loved her, my dear stranger

I have walked a long way in the rain

We put his heavy body in

I keep thinking you’re still here

The deal is just for you, on the table

They are waiting somewhere near the big rock

What is, is, what goes, goes

Inside the tent, you were still breathing

I am trying to break in to the asylum

I am not just visiting

Nothing is lost, well not everything

There are no strawberries

I’ve brought some money

I woke and could hear the harbour shifting

It’s not THAT big a tornado

All night I have held your hand

It was Tennessee

I am trying to repair

Like wolves on the fold

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