Monday, June 01, 2009

Second Prompt Set 16:23 June 1st

Indian Food in Piccadilly

It's a problem with John, the dark eyes

I have no preconceptions

I didn't have time to say I really cared

They may not mean to, but they do

He hung it on the back of a kitchen chair, then hung himself

I hear horses

Georgie's Swastika

I am not old, YOU are old

At least I'm not a fish

I am looking after the family's words

When John had a working liver

A door, five windows

He doesn't want to come down

It's just before the end of the world and these guys walk in

With babies and bayonets

They stretched his body on a tree

I am leading a quiet life, just one murder

I wear Egyptian clothing

He is a cat who creeps at night, a snake

Have you ever stopped to consider

Come lie to me and be my love

I'm over at Jack's trying to work out what comes next

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