Thursday, June 04, 2009

07:30 Thursday 4th. More Prompts

(To York via Sheffield)
A fire breaks out on the line
A moment in time for a Cheltenham hero
All the guards and all the porters
But fifty-seven passengers
But imagine my surprise

Cool Calm and collected, up stood a porter
High Drama on British Rail
I had to post a letter that morning
In a matter of seconds
Looking for Skimble
Oh Love and you so far away. I never spoke to her but she heard every word.

Perhaps a small stick twisted through
Said this job, it will have to be mine
Someone too silly to see the obvious
Thanked the Lord that they had been saved.
The bagmen are playing cards
The bucket he carried was filled to the brim
The raging inferno was reduced to a mountain of soot

There’s a whisper down the track and a whisper coming back
We are Safe. We are Safe.
When he left nobody waved
When I was a pirate
With water (fire-outing) to put
It was true I was in a hurry
Like a butterfly breaking through

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