Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prompts at 11:09 Wednesday

Last night, had I been sleeping

Beat Me, Hammer Me

There is never enough water

Dark, dark and dark-dark coming

We climbed through steepening woods, smelling pine, earth

The old cowboy always died

A Man, a Woman, yet they are not quite together


Her herbs are not as impressive as my potatoes

Love me like you breathe

The foam of dirty oceans beats against the land

What is blocked in us, you, me?

Some bastard nicked the plums from the bridge.

Too tired to turn back, just going

The Book Man

Take it or Take it.

When I get home

Gassing natives is fine, says Mr Churchill

The power in a horse’s chest

A furlong by a chain, my Lord

When I came out of the bathroom

Uncertainty, beautiful uncertainty

August the First, everything shiny

Father forgive me, for I have fucked around a lot since last confession

It was a time of fools and genius

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