Thursday, May 21, 2009

21st May Prompts Set 1 00:15

The Corner House

Let the blood-sucking bat

We will not remember dying

Twelve hours, give or take a week

Planes explode

Between the belly and the mind


I am finely honed beneath this

You can be my furry godmother


You are neither bread nor knife, nor are you butter


I think they killed him off because he was fat

Mud so black with coal it burned

Touch me, remind me

We tripped lightly along the ledge

Thin, flat battery

It’s about time, or God, it varies

This is the hard-work part of love

I only claim for the four homes

You can die

Behind the ropes like the seagulls

Castor Oil & Malt


The first sound, the last thing I will see

Seems the Normans were right bastards

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