Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prompts Almost Before Noon

Talking over trains


It was here this morning

Sunday, when I was even born

They are marked on the map in red


From Mountain Tops to Valley Floors

Of Twisted Fingers and Twisted Hearts

Cutting Honey

Cracks are appearing everywhere

Homage to Spike Milligan, May His Aim Never Falter

And Cats Shall Run Over Cars

I hear dirty geese coming in like Stukas

Central Line

Someone has stolen the buttercups and daisies

I dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me

Basically, I don't give shit

Frogs and Toads

I am finished for the day

Do you believe in Dog?

I celebrate my corruption

Sorry your upload is illegal

My love, slicing bread and butter, pouring tea

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