Wednesday, May 20, 2009

08:10 More Prompts

20th May 2009-05-20

At the violet hour, when the eyes turn upwards

The Nine Fridays

We live lives our parents did not know

Once there was marsh here, men came in fear

She has fire that flashes in her eyes

Nobody steps in the same river twice, it changes

Or Bambi

It is not what we have built, it is what we knocked down to build


After lunch you said you wanted to pick flowers

Oh indeed my wife is handsome

I make the tea. I am quiet

Father Maloney’s glass eye

There is a boat on the river

The smell of meat on the air

They are selling the usual stuff

I live in you

A lost tribe is singing

Burnt-out buses

The zombie I met in Tesco

Circle into square and into circle

For days now I have been under house arrest


None of the substitutes work, but they are cheaper

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