Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Prompts 2200

What's that?

Stephanie called

Personal Details: Please Amend

Please Note: You have NOT won the lottery


A good poem clears your vowels

The road is steaming

The dreams are now disallowed


The moving finger writes etc.

Oh, love and you so far away; my love I never spoke to her, but she heard every word.

The Fifth World War was very civilised

Imagine a perfect blue

Hold the Bones

For he's a jolly good driver

Story of the Week? You're 'avin' a laugh!

Think of me as a NICE Salman Rushdie

Bollocks, Balderdash

There is a tide in the affairs of man, when

Barbed Wire

The Sacrificed

Yonder, see the cows?

The Zebra Funeral

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