Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday 13th 21:00 Prompts

1 A sunless corner and a sad flower
2 Men are waiting on the corners
3 Sticking needles in my eyes
4 How light shifts and the air adjusts itself
5 Women are standing in doorways, something will happen
6 Oil to rub, calamine
7 Maybe and maybe
8 I thought of using Heaney
9 Over from Aust with the pigs and sheep
T Genitalia

1 If you don’t behave
2 Trying to dig up the garden
4 It’s just a thing men do. You don’t have to understand
5 Unopened, unsure
6 Not exactly Formica, a tablecloth
7 Dolly
8 Hedgehoppers Anonymous
9 The ATC we called it, Chipmunks
T Peanuts and an Orange

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