Friday, February 13, 2009

Evening Friday 13th Prompts 18:00


1 Some of us will build a temple
2 A yolk of light
3 I am not Henry the Fifth, OK?
4 Ding!
5 I have taken to wearing clothes to bed
6 I have wept some, and starved myself. Now what?
7 Mrs Jenkins’ Boil
8 I’m no prophet, but I think…
9 Marmalade, Dear?
T The difference between a story and a poem

1 It’s by some dead bloke I think
2 I said Pilla, not PILLAR
3 Occasionally I swell
4 Do I dare to eat a peach?
5 Will they sing to me? I think not.
6 The smoke and fog of matrimony
7 I see rings of light and hear wailing
8 Two or three, and a flower
9 Quantity Time
T It’s his Achilles Penis

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