Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thirsday Blast Prompts (2) 20:00


Twenty-eight pairs of white socks

a roar of dragons, rain

When I was young I would travel, but

In Town Tonight!!

At the moment of falling, before the ground

May was murder

A long-legged maid, and freckles, a twinkle

My sister and the boy with his temper

Cheese, Cider, God, You cannot choose when

Before I was a virgin

Richard Dimblebee

Wagon Train in black and white

Burned fields, next year

Before it passes, smell

Squeeze my hand.

Six horses, how many doubles, trebles?

Magic, just like 'at

If only now, he'd love it, all on the TV

Are there enough dead people?


The Air Force boy, magnificent, and the girls stopped

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