Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Struggling a Bit, and Prompts

A bereavement, three on holiday, one doesn't have time to do critiques, one off on business and suddenly the group shrinks. Damn! (This is why you always need twice as many as you think you need)


You plan for it, have all the equipment
Photographs do not burn like paper
The smell of breakfasts over the dunes
I was too young, and old enough
On the hottest, stillest day of summer
The Collected Perms of Mariella Wilkins
When I was not a young child
This is too long, too dry, I think we need to worry
Couples, Cardigans
Is that not how good stories go?
The evening is swelling
If love goes, was it ever there?
Victoria and Albert
All things can tempt me from my craft
Thomas was a fat drunken fuck
You could have gone back
Summer is late and autumn squeezed out
Shall I part my hair, or eat a peach?
I am looking for a river
We both lost, falling
Under my window, water runs
The first word after a long silence
Here is a recipe
He calls to those who called him father
Three Hail Marys
I know seven ways there
And loitering within
Getting up early on a Sunday morning
Various Museums
Four dripping candles and a room full of sadness

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