Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Morning Prompts

These aren't mine. Someone beat me to it this morning!

But have at it!

Why not let me know when you manage a flash. Ddi you send it out? Did it get published or do well in a competition?

BTW, yesterday my daughter gave me the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody and said "Make a story out of THAT, then!"

I did. 1410 words. And I used all the words (plus her analysis of the words) in the order they came.

OK, so it isn't "A Silver Dish" but it's OK...


Growing up, going down


My friend Fudge

Coming Home

Pete the Cheat

Under the Bridge

Impregnating the Cabbie

Abdominal Knee Crunches, Unzipped

Nursery Rhymes

The Difference between Posing and Posturing

Rock on, Tommy

Race for Life

Two-Faced and Dangerous

Staying in the Closet

Why Little Miss Perfect is Such a Bitch

Listening to the Archers with Dad after a hard day in the garden

After Dinner Mints, Inventive Sex, Indigestion

Poor, Sad, Woman

How to Tie a Hospital Gown

Climbing the Greasy Pole

We're treating his death as suspicious

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