Monday, March 19, 2007


A favourite jibe at me on various sites is that I'm elitist (for one thing I loathe womag stories) whereas THEY are all-embracing and every-one-is-equal etc etc.

The reality is, and has always been that in Boot Camp we are only happy if EVERYONE is getting published.

Obviously at any snapshot moment there will be a range of experience and ability in Boot Camp but these stats below show yet again how, unlike other writers sites, BC believes in EVERY member not just an inner circle.

Individual Totals in 2007

007 Tom
005 Cally
005 Caroline
004 Dan
004 Colin
004 Alex
001 CLT
001 Fleur (BIG Prize)
001 Lee
001 Lexie
001 Dave (Prize)


00 Cedric (6 weeks out in 2007)
00 Calvin (not currently submitting work)
00 Joel
00 Random
00 Advancingmist (just joined)

So, already this year 11/15 have had success (73%) and I know all those marked 00 above will get on the list very shortly.

Add to this fact that EVERY Boot Camp story is posted anonymously and gets a minimum of eight DETAILED critiques (and a discussion thread).

In many places the inner clique writers get crits and long threads while newcomers and outsiders have to struggle to get feedback.

It always amuses me that there is such a huge disparity between factual, provable, reality and the BS and slander often tossed the way of BC.

Compare that 73% (will be 100%) with another site (much, much bigger than BC) that reports 24 hits in 2007 (compared to BC's 34)...

But those hits are down to just 12 of a membership in the many hundreds, possibly thousands.

73% or .73%? That's the difference


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