Thursday, March 22, 2007


Thinking about it, maybe "HE" does worketh in mythterious wayth

First I intended to go to that game, but decided to save the fuel costs (and the planet) because it was on TV and we were likely to lose and my girl would have been on her own for an hour until Mum got home..

Then BANG! Power-cut.

Had I gone Deb & Bridie would have been sat in the dark for two hours.

They would never understand how to light a candle...

So me and PJ played poker by candlelight, Deb & Bridie spent forever in the bathroom with candles flickering

Now last night and today the emails on the footie site are so angry about the game saying it was simply awful, gutless, embarrassing.

So I would have come home, moaning, wishing I hadn't gone, walked in in a bad mood (and then have been blamed for the power cut)

Thanks, G.

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