Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday's Prompts

A load of prompts today, and five picture prompts.

Can you mix and match?

What happens if you take at least three items or choose things that "can't" go together?


I was at a loose end and thought I'd walk into town, browse the bookshops and have a long leisurely lunch in Pierre Victoire's.

In an ordinary green field, in middle England, a cow.

After he had died—suddenly and very surprisingly as it turned out...

She has told you to run to daddy and you do.

I remember you talking about the trams, the way they were always full, the way they clanged.

It is Winter, lightless morning, here in the shallow city, soundless and shipwreck-grey,

The apartment is bare, the walls a cheap cream over stains

The ticket-collector is a darkie.

At the front of the bus, well two or three seats in front of me, my first wife was sitting

Running bootsteps crash-splatter past the open pub door

Oh, Beth, my lover, try to laugh.

Behind me the mountains, in front, the sea.

You must lie, it's what you do.

Drunk one night – the bar stank of cheap weed

Sarah has set off from her cottage, slightly downhill,

He stopped for coffee, amazed he could feel so empty

I am the Bastard William

Raining. My wife comes in from work

He began by trying to be nice, but this monster was eating class time.

When I was fourteen I was flying a yellow kite.

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