Saturday, November 07, 2015

Daily Prompts 2751-2775 -

07 November 2015 - 07:25

2751 The dead sleep in the dark, barely hoping
2752 I have never forgotten.
2753 He owned fifteen acres, an ox, two good horses
2754 It is always too late here, and always the wrong time
2755 God is smaller in the mall

2756 They have circled the wagons
2757 My bowels water
2758 In my dreams I have legs, a stout heart, the love of a good woman
2759 The Jewish Kamikaze: Torah! Torah! Torah!
2760 The shock of the volley

2761 Do they really think nothing has changed?
2762 She says the reception was somewhere else
2763 What we think when we are falling
2764 A sergeant I had never me and didn't know
2765 The point of pointlessness is that pointlessness has a point

2766 The weight of my rifle
2767 Do philosophers just fuck, or do they talk themselves out of it?
2768 How the memory strikes us, the details that emerge
2769 I'm the salmon that prefers downstream
2770 I should have died then, could have, wanted to

2771 The theoretical physics of the crisp packet
2772 The words we use to see things again
2773 Magnolia 
2774 The pit-bull respected, the Labrador loved
2775 The small repeated blows that make the heart

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