Monday, November 02, 2015

Daily Prompts 2701-2725 - 02 November 2015 - 06:10

2701 The smell of the fairground, electric
2702 I am the bastard John Thomas Smith
2703 The 04:50 stopping train to Crewe
2704 The smell of too much time, trains, loneliness
2705 Like a patient under the knife

2706 The Time Caller
2707 I need to hear melody, euphony, a whiff of poetry
2708 Staybridge Station, 2 AM
2709 I have found the hole in time, that isn't there and can't be found
2710 At the centre of your earth

2711 Milk Wood Estate, Llareggub, Highly Desirable 3/4 Beds from £399,500
2712 The Poetry of Death
2713 Cider With Susan Gibbons
2714 OK OK OK, I'll turn it down
2715 I will do it again. Nothing is impossible

2716 One Republican, Two Republicans, Many.
2717 Jennifer Blossom SRN
2718 Watching monkeys fuck in the zoo
2719 Don't be a baby. It's just a tiny prick
2720 The Soft Meadows of Our Memory

2721 Someone I don't know is having a birthday
2722 The Origin of My Morality
2723 Capsized
2724 The Ladybird Introduction to Immigration Policy
2725 Be quiet now: it is time for you to leave

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