Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Daily Prompts 2726-2750 - 

03 November 2015 - 08:20

2726 "Lord, Lord, Lord, it was worth a try." (Harry Chapin)
2727 I hear the gentle click and clack of Mary's ghost making tea
2729 It was a night for old ideas, smoke, murder
2730 A quart of milk, four ounces of tea, and a pound of arsenic (for the rats)
2731 When girls wore petticoats and smelt of Tweed
2732 I am thinking of writing a bible
2733 We listened while those who knew the secrets talked
2734 A joyous fucking YES? Really?
2735 You will not convince me this is better. I say bitter
2736 By the bowels of your mother!
2737 Come here, let me mop your brow and sing
2738 A bright bird on a dark sky
2739 And then again, and again, and again
2740 There was something here when I looked before
2741 What matters, nothing else, is whether the line is straight
2742 I have a degree in self-pity, a PhD in misery
2743 Ants, Yummy!
2744 Reading older poetry, flicking through today's
2745 Admit it, there can be too much singing
2746 The Last Bus Home, Old girls in leather skirts and top-deck Karaoke
2747 Woman, red jacket, dog, a silver greyhound
2748 I suppose you can fuck me. This is as joyous as it gets.
2749 Die o'clock, getting on for late
2750 My flame has died. Occasionally I poot dull smoke

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