Saturday, December 27, 2014

January Blast, Prompt Set 2

January Blast

Prompt Set 0002

0026 They were away at 06:30
0027 She had no idea that she made the world work
0028 Banana-fish
0029 On a cloud I saw a child
0030 Weep!

0031 This should be funny
0032 Let's go to the lighthouse
0033 Explosion
0034 A Picture from Cardiff
0035 A Flux of Circumstances

0036 This Building is Alarmed
0037 How to Spring-Clean the Heart
0038 My Grandfather Looks Quite Sweet
0039 Five Hundred Sheets of A4
0040 On an Airfield in Italy

0041 In 1928, when I was nine.
0042 The Cruelty of Mirrors
0043 Trying to Swim the River
0044 The Formal Term is Consequential Loss
0045 I am tempted to say Friday passed without incident.

0046 More room in the kitchen
0047 The air swells like an anger containing
0048 I give you a book, you give me a book
0049 Walking towards me, you stoop now, walk like an old lady
0050 I have a new bookcase, the dogs have been walked

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