Tuesday, December 30, 2014

January Blast

2015-0007 (Dec 30 2014) 11:50

0151 Hold it up to the light
0152 We were immense, then
0153 I remember seeing you in a certain light and thinking, "Angel."
0154 Chappaquidick
0155 We move on brilliant silver wheels

0156 I would like her to be beautiful
0157 A Pink Volkswagen Camper
0158 Now the sky comes closer
0159 We played "pass-the-parcel" unwrapping you.
0160 Various girls who couldn't love me

0161 The you were removed and the room was fuller
0162 CORD
0163 What could you do with that kind of money?
0164 Are You Lonesome, Tonight?
0165 COBRA

0166 Well I would if I could, but I can't
0167 It is ten below zero
0168 You could always hold my hand
0169 I thought we were drowning

0171 I don't know how it started, only that it will finish
0172 Hail Mary, Full of Grace
0173 Save me. Stop talking and come save me!
0174 Life Support.
0175 My mother sewing, our mothers.

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