Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Flash Blast prompt Set 5

2015-0005 (Dec 29 2014) 17:20

0101 A plastic-bag, throwaway sort of person
0102 Douse the fire, be quiet
0103 He is (most probably) the one at the back, far left
0104 PLINK!
0105 The crew is busy, but it will be all right on the night.

0106 My father would like to be dead; my mother agrees
0108 I have various feelings, slightly overlapping
0109 Show us your husbands!
0110 The differences between soup and stew

0111 A Box of Black Magic
0112 In a conversational way of speaking, Mrs Browne
0113 She says, Don't Ever Die. As if!
0114 Will y'be staying long?
0115 McLintock's Dream

0116 I miss a baker
0117 A story beginning, "Take a seat, pour one; this is the Goddamn Truth."
0118 Swift from the traps!
0119 I could work for Sky
0120 I've come for the payment on the bed.

0121 Dark stars on fire
0122 I do it for the weirdness, the weirdness
0123 Bread does not choose to rise
0124 Puppy, Dog, Old Dog, Memory
0125 Is it hot in here?

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