Monday, July 27, 2009

Prompts 27 July

A cupboard full of dead man's clothes


What was in his tin

The Top Nine

The sky today, these cars, it all looks dirty

Brown Paper

The Book that Came From the Sky

Robert Jones, Higgler

How the fields so neat are shaven

I do not begin to explain, but death has dropped away

House on Stilts, Girls Exploding

Only in one way am I exhausted

And then I realised I hadn't heard

I could be a minor diplomat but I'd be kidnapped and die with a dirty beard

Magnificent men smelling of oil

There are always warnings in newspapers

Finding Ronnie

Nothing will grow in here, nothing outside

From the back, my neighbour, broader than I thought

I dreamt an old lover moved in next door

Weather, a rumour, but not necessarily untrue

A few of us wept, but we didn't know why

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