Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 Prompts 01

Two old horses

The house shines, picked out by early light

I am trying to remember, your hair

How I might die while gardening, bending for peas

He only said fuck off the once

She wants to find a man who dances, straight, and tall

We are what we abandon

Allegedly, we are mammals, our brains are split

What else is there to say? We tried

Projectile vomiting Newcastle Brown

A mother digs a hole in a garden

I turn my collar up, shrug on

Mere ugliness is no excuse. It needs more

When does a mother stop to become pretty?

Money on wires, buzzing

We are building a fence, but is it strong enough?

A grandfather, a quiet kitchen, an open razor

They put the dead baby on a newspaper

We could hang

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