Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prompts 15 July 01


This is the third time, the fourth, the fifth

When you love, words appear on skin

If you like we can talk. Or we can BE

There are angels in Borders

Make of this what you will. It will still be true.

I would like not to want

You could volunteer. Dying isn't necessarily bad.

Opening a difficult jar

Listen to a river. I mean LISTEN to a river.

All the women, all the men, hands, silent.

We are creeping, the dampness kisses feet

Sailing, tin-trays, yellow grass, incredible, inhuman

By noon something will be dead

I once shot a crow, filled it with pellets. It fell like a sin.

Mud is easier to eat than straw

For example, music doesn't exist

Dogs think about religion. Cats KNOW.

Look, and I mean LOOK, at your feet.

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