Thursday, June 29, 2006

July Blast Started at 10 AM 29th JUNE

I'm away for a week from 29 July so we are starting the July Blast NOW (as in this minute)

I will, of course, write more stories and flashes, more total words, more submissions than anyone else, and twice the average.

BCers and any associates (£15 Admin fee for the single month) will be receiving at least three sets of prompts a day, probably more, will "flash" and write stories until they bleed. Will briefly comment on flashes, crit all stories, and sub-sub-sub from their July output and work done pre-blast.

From experience we know that the average "Blaster" produces 3-4 times their normal output, and the quality RISES, not falls. There is something about the pressure, the adrenaline, the BUZZ that switches on the writer-gene.

Anyone may join, including ex BCers at any time, but the charge is the same, whether for 1 day or 31 days.

If you don't do this, just watch this space, see the accumulating flash totals, story totals, subs, publications and prizes.


First Set of Prompts Here.

Exactly Where You Are

Going Naked is the Best Disuise

How Green Was My Valley

Dr Johnson's London

Memories of My Father Watching TV

Silent Spring

Shakespeare, on the Kitchen Table


Dying, the Great Adventure

Evidence I Have Travelled to Be Here

Sam Sung, Private Eye, Deceased

Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew


Lights, Music, Cancer, Bob Geldorf

The Intricacies of Butter

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