Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fallow Times, & Some Prompts

Last November-December (and into January) Boot Camp had a push on writing and subbing.

At one point I had sixty-plus pieces out there.

The result a flurry of hits, pubs, two first prizes, two places, a number of final-placings.

Then I started doing up the house, got involved with the development of the chapel in Wales.

Result? Now I have NOTHING out there (despite a lot of very decent stories ready to be subbed)


Be consistent. Aim to have a good total of works circulating and KEEP THE TOTAL UP!

It will now take a month to get back up to speed, three to see the results.

Bad Alex

here are today's prompts

Well Church Then...


Gloves and Hat, Even For Summer Trips

Not Far From Bala

Python Pat

Two Tea Chests, a Trunk

Making Love to Jimminy Cricket


Walking into the River, His Guitar on His Back. Hallelujah!

Big Brother

Not Required On Journey

Do You Like Pie?

Palm Springs


The Critical Reader

Is it Hotter in Celsius?

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