Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Blast, a Blast, A Blast!!!

In July 2005 we ran "The July Blast" (at the now-defunct East of the Web) an intense month of writing at least a story a day, giving instant feedback, subbing etc. That was highly successful.

This July (2006) we hope to do the same at Boot Camp and can open a forum for guests/dabblers/the curious.

if you are interested (there will be a nominal charge to deter time-wasters) please contact

alex.keegan (at sign)

It is EXTREMELY intense, very demanding, but produces great work you can "live off" for a year or more.


But There's No Football?

The Stairs

Please send Your BIO


Boys' Toys

You Call That a Story?

A Slow Boat to China (and the Captain is Deranged)

Lunar Park

OK OK OK Allright Already, Sheesh!

The National Shirt Story Prize

Dog Eat Dog


Reading Carefully

Three People and a Double-Glazing Salesman Killed

People Zoo

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