Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Prompts

May 29th


and a noise shot out, almost music, but terrible
covered in green mould
crows rising up
doors opened with pinging bells
Gerald seems well and writes chatty letters
He does not talk of his wounds
He refuses to be savage and hides poetry in his room
I asked for your address from Johnnie
I have seen rain and this isn't rain
I saw many strange things in my first seventeen years
I think you will like me in blue!
ice, tempest, thunder and lightning
It's barely OK here, almost like prison
not much wind, not too cold, not actually raining
paralysed policemen
passing soft bread rolls in paper bags to solitary customers
shattering the lens and killing the photographer
skeletons running from their graves
stopping all the traffic in the streets
that melted the iron chest that contained it
the afternoon was flat, grey and ordinary
the back-chat and badinage of colleagues
their empty eyes flaming
They say it was a light in the sky that jiggered
things that once held places of high wonder
those animals that didn't bolt on sight
We have a new NCO
white-coated assistants in slow-frame

You're letter was a wonderful surprise!

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