Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Flash prompts


29 May

Chestnuts, the chestnut man
Fairies in the half-light
Firing Squad
Happy that we aren't cadavers, happy to be beating still
If I could spell Shoeman
If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax
A Chocolate Drip
If you have overlooked payment on this occasion
Let us go then, the two of us
Live Well for Less
My mother's Lamb Stew
Next year is in abeyance
Out into the evening
Please contact these offices if you require this letter in Braille
Remember to check your lottery numbers
Scrumping on the 1,000 Acres
Space Ship
Strawberries, Cream, crushed hazelnuts
The Hebrides
The island is special; it is alive
The pain of the Narwhal
The soft whimper of the sleeping child
The thin water, clear as love
You may forfeit your right to pay by instalments
Your next inspection is Monday June 2nd at 09:30
The Council may take Court proceedings to recover the outstanding arrears

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