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The Benford Plagiarism Dossier 10

Prine himself writing on Amazon

He is plagiarised in Coming up for Air and The Rings"

and those books are hardback, paperback and eBook and were on sale in about a dozen places

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From: Amazon Discussions
Subject: New comment on your review of Coming Up for Air
Date: 14 June 2012 00:27:04 GMT+01:00
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Greetings from Customer Discussions,

Because you requested to be notified when people commented on your review of "Coming Up for Air", we are sending you this e-mail.

14 Jun 2012 00:27:01 BDTWilliam F. Prine says:

I'm glad you like "Death's Naked Beauty" because if it begins as follows,

William Frederick Prine wrote that in 1990, not Joanne Benford:

Death's Naked Beauty awoke, blind and dying.
The time, the place; her religion, her race doesn't matter.
Circumstances are nothing more than excuses for acts committed
wherever hatred, ignorance, and madness reign. The point is she
could have been, might have been, your friend.
A discussion of any crime must start with its aftermath.
Doing otherwise elevates the criminal and diminishes the victim.
Beauty was forced to play her part. It is our choice to witness
and care and learn and share. By witnessing, we give tragedy
meaning. In caring, we see our self in strangers. By learning,
we know the stranger within. In sharing, we find peace.
Death's Naked...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Alex Keegan
Subject: Re: Your Warning Regarding Plagiarism
Date: 14 June 2012 06:34:54 GMT+01:00
To: "William Prine"

Benford is an academic with The Open University and has been for almost 9 years.


On 14 Jun 2012, at 01:03, William Prine wrote:

I’d say you’re right. I googled (with quotes) “Death’s Naked Beauty”

Google Books has an excerpt of “Death’s Naked Beauty” in “Coming Up For Air” here:

Google’s Alt.Prose has something my brother, Ron, uploaded somewhere before I had chopped the story’s intro to simply cut to the matter:

A listings of stories in Compuserve:


Bill Prine

From: Alex Keegan
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 17:09
To: wprine
Subject: Re: Your Warning Regarding Plagiarism

I have just noticed that Amazon have removed my story

Death's Naked Beauty is in Coming Up For Air, a book in her series

The Ring of Elements

That also has my story in it!!!

The Ring of Elements (4 books) is also available as a single book, so your work is in TWO of her publications.


On 13 Jun 2012, at 18:03, Will Prine wrote:


From: Alex Keegan []
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 09:22
To: wprine
Subject: Re: Your Warning Regarding Plagiarism

I may not have the right William F Prine, of course, but did you write this?

                        William F. Prine
                   Copyright 1990, W.F. Prine

     Death's Naked Beauty awoke, blind and dying.  Cold and
getting colder, her body's violent shivering hurt her back.  Half
conscious, she coughed and moaned.  A voiceless gasp bubbled out
of her burning throat.  The pain woke her.
     Eyes opened, seeing nothing.  Was the cold and dark the
night?  Beauty listened and heard birds sing day songs.  Another
voiceless cry escaped, her anguish heedless of the pain.
     Her head rocked back and forth, denying this waking
nightmare.  The movement made her head throb.  She clamped her
mouth shut against a sudden wave of nausea and tried to swallow.
Something was wrong with her throat.  It was too stiff and dry to
work.  It hurt trying and trying made something warm flow in thin
cooling streams down her neck and shoulder.  She was goin



On 13 Jun 2012, at 15:01, Will Prine wrote:

Hi Alex,

I understand that we are possibly being plagiarized. What are the details?


William F. Prine

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