Monday, June 18, 2012

The Benford Plagiarism Dossier 02

In some cases these have been removed from the internet

but I have screen dumps and in most cases the organisation will have archive-proof

Authors Plagiarised (half of final total)

01 Barker, Cicely Mary

02 Beresford W. D. (DEAD)

03 Burnside, John (POET)

04 Cohen, Leonard (Singer-Songwriter/Poet)

05 Collins, James A.

06 Crowley, Aleister

07 Eden, John (Editor)

08 Fraiberg, Allison
09 Mathewes-Green Frederica

10 Keegan, Alex

11 Strine, William F

12 Swanson, Gillian

13 Thomas, Dylan (DEAD)

14 Wollen, Peter

15 The Massage Site

Items 16-18 Stolen Art

Please note we have since found many other instances of theft

Here are the Joanne Benford publications containing (the plagiarised item)

for example, item 5. In Benford's "Down by the Water" is a poem called Carp that is a copy of Burnside's Koi, the Light Trap

01 Barker, Cicely Mary Down By the Water (The Lord of Rushie River)

02 Barker, Cicely Mary The Ring of Elements (The Lord of Rushie River)

03 Beresford W. D. Coming Up for Air (Powers of the Air)

04 Beresford W. D. The Ring of Elements (Powers of the Air)

05 Burnside, John Down By the Water Carp (Koi, in The Light Trap)

06 Burnside, John The Ring of Elements Carp (Koi, in The Light Trap)

07 Collins, James A. Scorched Earth Farmer of the Night

08 Collins, James A. The Ring of Elements Farmer of the Night

09 Crowley, Aleister The Music of the Spheres

10 Eden, John Cafe Ultima

11 Fraiberg, Allison Living Doll: The Seduction of Cyborgs

12 Mathewes-Green Frederica Second-Hand Santas

13 Keegan, Alex Postcards From BalloonLand (Kindle Single)

14 Keegan, Alex  Coming Up for Air (Postcards From BalloonLand)

15 Keegan, Alex  The Ring of Elements (Postcards From BalloonLand)

16 Strine, William F Coming Up for Air (Death's Naked Beauty)

17 Strine, William F The Ring of Elements (Death's Naked Beauty)

18 Swanson, Gillian Feminist Film Theory (Building the Feminine)

19 Thomas, Dylan Holiday Memory (Rip-Off of the whole book)

20 Wollen, Peter Sing of the City Electric. Delrious Projections

21 The Massage Site A Little Bit of Focus. Focus Unleash the Hidden You

22 Cohen, Leonard Memoriam

Art Stolen from  16 Gloria Rabinowitz

Rip-Off Here = "Dark Clouds"

Originals here: Called Dark Clouds 2

also at


Appears to belong to The Norwegian Shipowners' Association,

I'd like to think she's taking the piss, but I think she's on the credulous side of things - just the way JB likes 'em. The original is here

All JB had to do was point her camera at the sky, but she couldn't even bother to do that.

and here

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