Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Prompts 28-December-2008

Pretty well every day now, at noon, I am sure there is a breeze.

At night, on the bare boards of the deserted girls' bedroom.

Darling, this letter is secret. That means secret, equals US Top Secret.

Though brilliantly sunny, Saturday morning was overcoat weather.

The father, the son, light a candle, kneel, and pray to ghosts.

If you really want to hear about it.

Perhaps the Cape Town Express passes in the next valley, a tree sways, a butterfly, a bird rises, and the air moves.

It is thirty-six years to the day since our wedding.

One night some twenty years ago.

Much later, the air in my hut shifts.

I hear you whispering, "This is the wind, the wind down a long valley."

The facts at hand presumably speak for themselves

Finally, the last one to know, I found out about my wife's affair.

At times, frankly, I find it slim pickings

There are many unsuitable jobs for a particularly private person; Agony Aunt, for example,

Rexler, the man who wrote all those books on theatre

What do you do about death? In this case the death of an old father?

I almost began, "My Dear Child"

This is him, making their packed lunches, two packed lunches; what could be simpler?

The birds chirped away, "Phweet, Phweet."

This is all bollocks, lies. No. Well, if it's the truth it's that GOVT ISSUE economical kind, or it's "spin".

Dizzy with perplexities, seduced by a restless spirit.

I was lying on the sofa, under a duvet with the kids, one each side.

There were, in all, six white people who lived at Sego Desert Lake

This is a sad tale about a stripeless zebra, a hyena who never laughed and a lion in a swiss zoo who wanted to learn to yodel and swim with dolphins.

Yes I knew the guy. We were kids together in Chicago.

He was a hard kid, a thin, tough body, and fire in the belly, quick to react

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