Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prompts at 21:00 Thursday

Google "Glimmer Poo" and follow links until...

A story beginning, "If I had to fuck a bear, I'd choose Paddington"

A story ending, "If I had to fucj=k a bear again, I'd choose Paddington."

or use

A terrible beauty is born

We sat together one summer's end

The TV in another room

Around me the images of thirty years

You and I, and her. We talked of poetry

If I became a broken man

Let's enumerate old disputes

Murmur names, names, names

I have met them at close of day

A message arrives: PING!

I have seen the lights go out

Before the world was made, there had been a run on hope.

Three women, that'll do

Love like a cold night in November

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