Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prompts at 20:00 Thursday

A story beginning, “You realise I will lie to you?”

A story ending “On my mother’s grave…”

Or Google “Toffee Penis” and follow links until something on the web prompts you to write a story

When I have those fears that I will cease to be
Extra Strong
Gary's at the match, I'll need to be
Whoever guesses, thinks or dreams he knows
Methodical, wiping spit, a little sun cream
My life has waited in corners
Hey bud, I could commentate
There’s a certain slant of light
Sometimes you only hear about it second-hand, or fifth
April 19th, Driving
There are things we need and hate and need to hate
Fires & Human Behaviour
The burn after shaving
Catching Life by the throat
Coming this way on a different line
Why we have a navel
Mr Dickory and Jennifer Dock
Here, take my picture
Catch a falling star
Teach me to hear the mermaids singing
A catastrophe of charlatans
I love Sally Smith
One morning, I saw these three
You say Tomato
McDonalds, burning flesh upon the air
The difference between a grandson and a cactus

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